Client Services

  1. Thorough understanding of requirements through internal Job Order Form.
  2. Preparation of customized Position Description, if needed.
  3. Conduct data-base search to identify two to three candidates.
  4. Perform in-depth screening of candidate’s experience to insure the priority “bullet points” of the position is met.
  5. Coordinate interview schedules throughout entire process.
  6. Debriefing services following each interview.
  7. Verification of prior positions and performance checks with former supervisors and colleagues.
  8. Participate in compensation negotiations for a mutually acceptable offer.
  9. Prepare Offer Letter, if requested.
  10. Assist candidates with resignation process, to include constant “hand-holding” until first day of employment - bet on it!
  11. Follow-up after 30/60/90 days to reassure the candidate meets the proper balance of industry skills and experience, in a professional manner.
  12. Provide continuous services regarding market salaries, industry bonus compensation packages, personnel strategies, etc., on a courtesy basis.